Bredbandskollen CLI

To measure connection speed in an environment that is missing a web browser, for example, in a server, you can use our command line interface bbk_cli, which is available for some of the most common operating systems.

Installation on Windows

If you know that you have a 64-bit Windows, you can download Otherwise you can download Save the file as bbk_cli.exe in any directory. If the DLLs for Visual Studio 2015 or later are not installed, download and install “Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable” from (choose the x64 variant if you know you have 64-bit Windows, otherwise x86).

To measure, open the Command line tool (or some other command window), go to the directory where the file has been saved and give the command


Installation on other operating systems

Download the file that fits your operating system, save it as bbk_cli and make it executable (chmod +x bbk_cli).

To measure, open the command prompt, go to the directory where the file has been saved and give the command


10.7 and later

Linux Intel 64-bit / 32-bit, ARM 64-bit / 32-bit, MIPS Requires GNU C/C++-library corresponding to GCC 4.7 or later. Should work on most Linux distributions from 2012 or later.

Linux Intel 64-bit packaged in rpm / deb

OpenBSD Intel 64-bit
Must install the package gcc-libs-4.9.4p6 on 6.2, or gcc-libs-4.9.4p8 on 6.3.

FreeBSD Intel 64-bit
FreeBSD 10 and later

Source code

More information

For a concise overview of the available command options, call up bbk_cli with the option –help. For more detailed information, see README.txt .