If you get a measurement result that you are not satisfied with, it is important that you contact your operator directly. Alternatively, you can contact Telecom Advice (Telekområdgivarna) that give impartial and free help to consumers. If you have comments on Bredbandskollen, you can reach our customer service at

There can be many reasons that your measurement results are not the same as the speed you are paying your operator for. A good measurement result is also not a guarantee that you will not experience any problems. There are also a number of simpler steps you can take to improve your speed when you surf – both on the mobile phone and on your computer.

Five factors that can influence your surfing speed:

1. Where have you placed your equipment?

Wireless internet is practical but can provide a slower connection than if you use a cable. Make sure that you have a modern router and place it centrally in your home. Try turning the router in different directions and, if possible, change the direction of the antennas during measurements.

2. Where are you?

The speed of mobile surfing can vary depending on whether you are surfing indoors, outdoors, or in a car. If you are in the basement, you may get a lower speed than if you are sitting in a room with windows. Other factors that may play a part are the number of users that are surfing in the same area and the distance to base stations.

3. How many devices are connected?

When you use multiple machines (computer, tablet, mobile phone, broadband tv) on the same connection it is not surprising if some of them have worse speed. All share the same connection, therefore results are not as good as with just one computer.

4. Is all the software updated?

Check that you have the latest version of your web browser and uninstall any plugins that might affect the speed. Also check that you have installed the latest updates for your operating system on your computer, tablet or smart phone.

5. Is there a security program in the way?

Try temporarily disabling any anti-virus software and internal firewalls in your computer. Some browsers are more affected by firewalls and antivirus programs, try using another browser on the same computer.