Privacy policy for Bredbandskollen

Bredbandskollen is run by the The Swedish Internet Foundation, that is responsible for the processing of your personal data in accordance with current data protection laws.

Processing of personal data

Bredbandskollen is a tool to measure your broadband speed. In order for you to perform a measurement and get a measurement result, The Swedish Internet Foundation must handle IP addresses, identification codes and positioning data, which may be personal data.

IP addresses count as personal data if they can be connected to a physical person (for example, if one has their own web server) but for most internet users, the IP address only points to their broadband operator. The Swedish Internet Foundation cannot identify any of Bredbandskollen’s users from IP addresses without additional information transmitted from the broadband provider. The Swedish Internet Foundation will not retrieve information to identify users beyond the IP address processing, which allows Bredbandskollen to perform your measurement and deliver a result to you. After your measurement, the IP addresses are anonymized and the information is saved to generate statistics.

The Swedish Internet Foundation also processes the identification code that identifies the device (your mobile phone or computer) on which the measurement is made. This is done so that you can see previous measurements that were made from the same device. The Swedish Internet Foundation does not use the identification code for anything else and does not identify any of Bredbandskollen’s users beyond the identification code.

The Swedish Internet Foundation also handles information on where the measurement is performed (your position). At the time of the measurement, The Swedish Internet Foundation can get positioning data from your broadband operator that The Swedish Internet Foundation saves for statistical purposes. If you measure with the mobile app and have allowed the app to see where you are located (location services), then a GPS position will also be saved for the measurement to be shown on Bredbandskollen’s map service. Currently it is not possible for Android users to measure with the mobile app without the GPS location beeing saved. The measurement is not shown with exact precision in the map service, but the position has been adjusted with at least 50 meters. Positioning data is also given to your broadband operator so that they can develop their services, as well as for statistical purposes.

The Swedish Internet Foundation saves the measurement results in Bredbandskollen’s database until further notice to be able to make long-term reports on how broadband is developing in Sweden.

Purpose and legal basis for processing

The purpose of the processing of personal data is so that The Swedish Internet Foundation can provide the Bredbandskollen service, perform measurements and develop the service further, as well as providing statistics to the public, for example, reporting on broadband development in Sweden. Personal data is also processed in order to provide broadband operators with information to enable them to develop their services and for their statistical purposes.

In order for The Swedish Internet Foundation to process your personal data, there must be a legal basis for processing. When you choose to start a measurement with Bredbandskollen, you accept the terms for Bredbandskollen and the legal basis for The Swedish Internet Foundation processing of personal data is therefore an agreement.

Partners and suppliers

So that The Swedish Internet Foundation can fulfill its obligations according to the agreement with you, our partners or suppliers may handle your personal data. The Swedish Internet Foundation can also collect information about you from these.

When you perform a measurement with Bredbandskollen, a catalogue service from a provider is used to see which broadband operator is providing your IP address and also to know where the broadband operator who has the IP address is located geographically.

We also work with broadband operators to get information on your subscription and with service operators for underlying technical structure.

Some partners or suppliers may have part of their operations outside Sweden or the EU/ESS. If The Swedish Internet Foundation transfers data to these partners or suppliers, The Swedish Internet Foundation ensures by contract, among other things, that they treat and protect personal data as the law requires.


The result of your measurement is shown for you at and also shows the position for the mobile measurement (map service). The result of your measurement is sent to your broadband operator. The Swedish Internet Foundation sells statistic information on performed measurements to broadband operators.

Personal data may be disclosed in cases provided for by law or regulation, due to an ongoing judicial process or after a legally binding request by the authorities.

Your rights

You have the right to request registry extracts for free containing your personal data processed by The Swedish Internet Foundation.

You have the right to request a correction of incorrect data. You also have the right to request that your data be deleted or that the use is restricted, but you must then have support for this in the relevant data protection legislation.

You also have the right to object the processing of your personal data if it is possible by law. If your personal data is processed based solely on The Swedish Internet Foundation obtaining your consent, you are always entitled to withdraw your consent.

You also have the right to request that personal data you have provided is sent to you in a structured, widely used and machine-readable format, but you must then have support for this in the relevant data protection legislation.

If you wish to request correction, deletion, limitation of handling, access to personal data or use the right to extract the personal information you provided, you can do this through the The Swedish Internet Foundation Data Protection Officer at


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Contact information

If you have any questions or comments regarding the handling of your personal data by The Swedish Internet Foundation, you can contact the Data Protection Officer at

The Swedish Internet Foundation

Box 92073

120 07 Stockholm


Telephone: +46 8 452 35 00

Corporate identity number: 802405-0190

You may also file complaints regarding The Swedish Internet Foundation personal data processing to the Swedish Data Protection Authority.

This privacy policy may be updated and The Swedish Internet Foundation will inform about any changes to this on the Bredbandskollen website.